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investing books

8 must read books for the serious investor

1. The Intelligent Investor​: Chances are you are already aware of this investing classic. This is a great read specially to understand the cigarette butt strategy that served Warren Buffett in his early days. It is a very profitable strategy to this date, specially if you are a retail investor. […]

Nifty RSI

Nifty: A pattern in RSI

Relative Strength Index or RSI is a very well known technical indicator known to almost everyone. This is thanks to it being quoted very often in mainstream media. One reason why retail investors like this indicator is because it is easy to use it as a thumb rule. As investopedia puts it: “RSI […]


How can retail investors trade profitably in the stock market

You will find two kind of investors/ traders in the stock market: Those who think they cannot predict when the stock will go up. So they concentrate on value investing strategies ( I outline these below). Those who use technical analysis and devise manual or automated trading systems around it. […]

2017 Financial Markets Forecast

2017 Financial Markets Forecast

Around this time last year as well, the US Fed hiked interest rates. At the time they expected 4 more rate hikes over the year. We had grave doubts over this hawkish commentary materializing, simply because the pattern in interest rate yield charts didn’t support the view, and yet this […]

Elliott Wave Theory

Introductory video on our new Elliott Wave Theory course

We are receiving great feedback on our new Elliott wave theory course. You can now watch the introductory video below: The entire course can be accessed here: Technical Analysis using Elliott Wave Theory You can also choose from some of our other best selling courses: Stock Market for Beginners – […]


Nifty Update

Since our last update Nifty has seen a sharp fall and markets have traveled from 8600 levels to close to 7900 levels. We have seen some kind of a relief rally over the last 3 sessions. Chart Below: We will continue to remain skeptical of this rally, though Nifty can […]


Nifty panic selling & sharp recovery

Nifty panic selling & sharp recovery seen after Trump Election & Modi’s action on Black Money is reminiscent of the price action we saw immediately after Brexit panic. This should incline us to consider this move positively. However there are many other red flags that require us to treat this […]

black money

PM Modi’s surgical strike on black money

There is no doubt that the latest move on black money by PM Modi has to be lauded for its intent. But once the dust settles on the moral euphoria, we should realize that there may be major side-effects to this move. It is estimated that India has a parallel economy […]


Nifty & Sensex: Is FBI Director Comey behind all the movement

On 28th October FBI Director Comey wrote to the U.S. Congress that FBI is re-opening investigation into Clinton’s use of private email server. A potentially damaging news for the presidential candidate. Stock market’s fall was widely attributed to this “news”, and yet thousands of miles away we had forewarned of […]


Nifty Update

Our last Nifty Update mentioned: “8488-8530 may be able to provide crucial support to the markets if another leg of the fall materializes” Nifty made a low of 8506 around 17-October and posted a rally that carried it to 8736 levels. We also indicated that our top most scenario suggested we won’t […]