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nifty and sensex analysis

Nifty & Sensex – Are we in a bear market? – Video

In this video I share my latest analysis that answers the question on Nifty / Sensex & Bank Nifty. Watch below:

nifty crash

Nifty & Bank Nifty Update

NIFTY UPDATE Nifty failed to sustain above the crucial 38.2% retracement level of 10604 and developed another leg down. This leg down though has not violated the important 10033-10075 zone mentioned in our last report. Below is the most probable wave count for Nifty’s fall from all time highs: This […]

Nifty 6-Feb Short Term

Nifty Update

Nifty violated many of the important levels mentioned in our last report. The sharp gap down movements in consecutive days pose a challenge in directly analyzing the price action (because of areas that lack any price action). In such a situation we will need to look at multiple time frames […]

nifty doublle zig zag

Nifty Post Budget Update

NIFTY POST BUDGET ACTION Nifty has seen substantial fall from highs of 11170. I am seeing this current fall as part of a double zig-zag correction so far. Though my confidence on this would only increase if we see prices closing the gap down action seen today. Nifty 30-min Chart […]

share market tips L&T financial holdings

Medium Term Share Market Tips – L&T Financial

Medium Term Share Market Tips – L&T Financial Holdings L&T Financial Holdings stock made it’s all time high in Oct ‘ 17 and has since traded lower. L&T Financial Holdings Weekly Chart Below: Since we are analyzing a long term trend we have used a log scale chart for our […]


Nifty & Sensex Update

Since our last post, Nifty has stayed on an expected uptrend. Chart Below: From a long term perspective, there is nothing new to add and we expect this trend to continue. The measured target for Nifty are at 10831/11233/11328. Important swing point is at 10404. From a short term perspective […]

Nifty Time Cycle

Elliott Wave & Time Cycle Gujarat election impact on Nifty / Sensex

NIFTY & SENSEX Gujarat Election Results Impact on Indian Share Market Since our last post, Nifty tried (unsuccessfully) to climb up to it’s all time high and fell sharply to briefly trade below the crucial 10104-10120 zone. Chart Below: Nifty seems to have formed a W-X-Y double-zig-zag correction. Price wise this […]

Nifty 14-Nov

Nifty Elliott Wave Update

Nifty Elliott Wave Nifty hit a high close to 10500 since our last update and we have seen a substantial downward move since. Prices are still trading above the crucial 10104-10120 gap area we mentioned in the last post. This crucial gap area will continue to remain an important support zone. The […]

Day Trading Strategies

Technical Analysis = Success in Day Trading?

Do you think knowing technical analysis is enough to succeed in day trading? I used to think so, until I realized this is simply not true. In order to succeed in day trading what you need is: A profitable Trading strategy An objective way to evaluate the performance of the trading strategy […]

Nifty Elliott Wave Update

Nifty Elliott Wave Update

Nifty made a major low around 9687 as mentioned in our last report and has managed to hit a new all time high. Identifying a simple flat correction was all that was needed to make this bullish call. Chart Below: There is another important indicator that played out around the […]