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The financial recommendations expressed on our blogs are without consideration. While all our views are expressed on a best effort basis, investing by very nature is a risky venture with a potential for loss. The investor should take into consideration his own financial situation before executing any trade. IndianInsight.com is not responsible for any losses arising out of executing its views by the investor. Also, it would be fair to assume that if there is any recommendation on the blog, it is likely that analyst could have a corresponding position in the markets that may be affected by price movement in the security. We only use publicly available information for our analysis and the views expressed on this website should not be considered a “stock tip”. Our founder/ analyst Mr. Yash is registered with SEBI as an independent research analyst. SEBI Registration Number: INH000002632


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Value Investing Myths – Video from our Value Investing Course

In this video I discuss some value investing myths. Access the complete course here:  https://bit.ly/2PJEoGa  


Nifty Update

Nifty crashed substantially from close to the 11000 level mentioned in the last report. Our primary case has been that the rise leading up to 11000 was part of an A-B-C (possibly flat) correction. However the extra ‘legs’ that developed left other interpretations open. Chart Below: The subsequent decline had been […]

Nifty Weekly

Nifty Update

Nifty seems to continue to move as part of a larger A-B-C correction (weekly chart below): Nifty formed a low around 10000 levels on 26th October and posted a nice up move. We are seeing this up-move as part of a correction. As long as we don’t break above the 10710 level, […]


Nifty Update

Nifty broke through the crucial 10815 level by the way of a gap formation and very quickly took out the 10557 level (mentioned in our last report) . The subsequent fall has been quite swift. This fall now seems to be part of an A-B-C irregular flat correction. Chart Below: The […]


Nifty Update

In spite of sharp fall in Nifty neither of our elliott wave counts can be completely ruled out. The price substructure right now also seems to be insufficient to take a conclusive view in either direction. In such scenarios the only option is to wait for important levels (mentioned below) […]

Nifty September 2018

Nifty Update

Nifty has continued to rally in line with the alternate scenario we outlined in our last post. The gap area of 11185-11210 proved to be decisive in keeping us on the right side of the markets and prevented us from getting bearish in anticipation of our base count outlook at […]



You can watch our latest update on youtube or read the transcript below: Transcript: In our last youtube video we talked about two scenarios. Our assumption of the then price action being part of an ending diagonal pattern was nullified on break of 10830-840 levels. As outlined in our video, […]

nifty 30 June

Nifty Update

We saw a fall in Nifty last week, which was followed with a surge in the Friday session that may raise some doubts over our medium term outlook of the fall. However, I still continue to expect a wave C fall over the medium term as long as we hold […]


Nifty Update

Since our last update Nifty has bounced from just above the 10400 level and has spent the last few days in a range. I’m still seeing this price action as part of E-leg of the triangle. I still expect the prices to at least dip below the recent lows around […]