Technical Analysis = Success in Day Trading?

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Do you think knowing technical analysis is enough to succeed in day trading?

I used to think so, until I realized this is simply not true.

In order to succeed in day trading what you need is:

  1. A profitable Trading strategy
  2. An objective way to evaluate the performance of the trading strategy
  3. The right money management strategy and
  4. The emotional discipline to execute your trading strategy

In order to provide you with all the necessary tools I have created a new course on Day Trading.  In this course I am going to teach you some of the most popular trading strategies and a common variation to each of them.

I am also going to provide you with a back testing excel template to manually back test the trading strategies. You will use this template to evaluate the performance of the trading strategy.

I am also going to provide you with the right money management strategy so that you learn how to manage the risk in day trading Learning the back testing process and money management skills will give you confidence in your trading strategy and this will automatically make it easier for you to stay emotionally disciplined to execute trades.

So if you would like to learn how to objectively indulge in Day Trading, you should consider taking this course. I am providing a special coupon in the following for you if you would like to enroll in this course:

Day Trading Strategies for the Stock Market

Happy Learning!

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One thought on “Technical Analysis = Success in Day Trading?”

  1. Yash Sir. This sounds very interesting and I am definitely interested in enrolling.
    Request you to please provide more details.
    what is the duration of this course

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