Nifty 7-June

Nifty Elliott Wave Update

Nifty made a low of 9341 around May 24 and has rallied since. We have shown the probable (and alternate) wave count below: In all probability wave 1 (part of the larger wave 3 that started from demonetization lows) ended around 9520 level and was followed by a complex correction […]

Divis Lab FDA

Can Divis Lab USFDA alert be a contrarian opportunity?

USFDA import alert hit Divis Lab stock few days back. To be sure its a pretty serious but the famous Seth Klarman once said: “You must buy on the way down. There is far more volume on the way down than on the way back up, and far less competition among buyers. It […]


Nifty Update

Nifty has rallied higher since our last update, but the market hasn’t been able to extend this lead much further in the last 7 sessions. In the process Nifty crossed the first target zone outlined in our last update, but so far hasn’t been able to reach our second target zone […]

nifty budget expectations

Nifty Wave Count(s) & Union Budget Strategy

Nifty fell from a key level outlined by us, but failed to develop an impulse move to the downside. This resulted in a major rally that may have substantial implications. Below is a probable wave count for the fall since September. We were considering this to be a low probability […]


Nifty Update

Since our last update Nifty has seen a sharp fall and markets have traveled from 8600 levels to close to 7900 levels. We have seen some kind of a relief rally over the last 3 sessions. Chart Below: We will continue to remain skeptical of this rally, though Nifty can […]


Nifty: The short term trend channel you should observe

On Thursday Nifty created another gap thanks to a gap up opening. This gap ended up being closed as well by Friday. This gap creation at open and subsequent close has been the prime characteristic of the market since a couple of weeks. This has also meant that the market […]


Nifty: A tale of two Gaps

Nifty broke below the crucial 8720 level and made a low of 8688. Since then Nifty has rallied to 8846 before reversing sharply. In this process it created two Gaps as shown in the chart below: The rally on Friday attempted to fill the Gap 1 but failed, instead ending […]

nifty sensex

Nifty & Sensex Update

Markets have seen a sharp correction from 7784 levels (25479 BSE Sensex). The prices have respected the trend channel that has been in play since March ’15. This was the correction we have been expecting that should mark the end of wave 1 & develop into wave 2 correction as per […]

nifty 23-March 2 hourly

Nifty: We are at a critical juncture

Lets first present our medium term chart for Nifty. This chart shows the trend channel that has largely contained the correction in Nifty from 9100 highs in March of 2015. As you can see in a little more than three weeks we have traversed from lower trend line to the upper […]

Nifty 2 Feb 16

Nifty jumps by 300 points on our call. What now?

Nifty rallied in accordance with our buy call issued on 20th January evening. It managed hit our target zone of 7580-7630. In due course, we will issue a supplementary report on our 2oth January call in order to outline an unlikely sentiment indicator that was also flashing buy at the time. […]