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nifty 23-March 2 hourly

Nifty: We are at a critical juncture

Lets first present our medium term chart for Nifty. This chart shows the trend channel that has largely contained the correction in Nifty from 9100 highs in March of 2015. As you can see in a little more than three weeks we have traversed from lower trend line to the upper […]


Crucial Week for USDINR

USDINR currency pair has been trading in a channel since May 2014. This channel has managed to hold on for quite a bit of time now. The latest peak created on 22-Feb failed to test the upper trend line of the channel, which is generally an indicator of weakening trend. […]

Nifty 15-March

Nifty Short Term Update

Nifty broke above the crucial 7541 levels but failed to sustain above it as it sharply reversed its gains after hitting a high of 7582. A break of of 7461 level on the downside should be used to exit any initiated long positions as it may indicate an extended correction […]


Nifty Congestion Breakout Awaited

For the last few days, Nifty has been trading in a congestion zone of 100 points. The last correction of this magnitude in Nifty played out intraday on 29-Feb. This was a wave 2 zig-zag correction as shown in the chart below. Current congestion is likely part of wave 4 […]

MCX Crude Oil

MCX Crude / NYMEX Crude approach Make or Break Zone

Once in a while markets approach levels that have the capability to define the trend for the market for coming weeks or months. Something similar seems to be happening in crude oil as it approaches an important zone which may provide a decisive hint to the the next major trend […]

Nifty breakout

Nifty breaks out providing confirmation

We have been tracking two trend lines for quite a few days now in hope of finding an important confirmation signal. The T1 line has reinforced its importance time and again with markets refusing to stay below this line for long. The market rally for two days meant that yesterday […]

Geeta & Investing

What Bhagvad Gita can teach you about investing

This is based on an answer to this question on Quora. Here it goes. Hope you find it useful. Very interesting question let me try to answer it. These quotes from Bhagvad Gita have been taken from various sources (Not Verified): “It is better to live your own destiny imperfectly […]

Nifty March

Nifty Whipsaw Budget Action

Nifty has seen a volatile whipsaw budget action, that has essentially brought the market back to where it started after posting a new low. Price are back into the corrective channel that has been play since March of 2015.It has also closed and managed to stay above the T1 line […]

Nifty 26-Feb

Nifty: Markets evenly balanced

Much like the parliament, markets have seen a lot of drama without much progress. Nifty reversed from the key level of 7241 outlined in our last report. But significantly enough managed to stay above the low of 6960, thus still keeping the hopes for bulls alive. This is even more significant […]

Nifty 21-Feb

Nifty Update

Our last article outlined a 2-stage confirmation required to confirm if a sustainable bottom is in place. The prices managed to break and stay above line T1 and are now trading close to an important resistance level 7241. Though the price action is not as convincing. In light of this […]