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Avoid these market movers from 29-December

We recommend you to avoid these market movers from 29-December: Salora International happened to move by over 13% on closing basis. It has seen a a major gap opening with extreme volumes. We urge you to avoid this stock as the move has likely exhausted itself (or is about to). […]


Nifty rally may continue in the short term

The stock market movement post the Federal reserve rate hike has been an anticlimax. The markets have refused to go below the Modi Era support range although they did manage to briefly test it. We believe it is still advisable to stay cautious on the long side, as the price […]

Nifty time cycles

Is it the right time to invest in ELSS or equity mutual funds?

In this video we answer the question Is it the right time to invest in equity mutual funds? Welcome to our special report on Equity linked savings scheme or ELSS as it is popularly known. As you might be aware ELSS is a popular investment product because you can get […]

Gold prices in 2016

Can Gold shine in 2016?

Can Gold shine in 2016? In order to answer this question we are first going to look at what is prevalent in the news media recently: Dec 10: Dow Jones Business News says Prices edge lower as bearish sentiment prevails Dec 10: The week points out: Bets mount that price will […]

Nifty time cycles

Sensex & Nifty: Brace up for something spectacular!

Nifty & Sensex selling to continue for the short term as we move closer and likely enter the Modi Era Support Range, but this article is for medium term and long term investors as we will soon be entering an important juncture in the market, which could turn out to be […]

Nifty medium term trend channel

The one Nifty trend channel you must observe closely

In our last report we pointed to a short term channel that was being followed from 7714 lows formed on 16th November. We also mentioned how the upward price movement had lacked to exhibit the right price action for a sustained up-move. We also mentioned and we quote: “You see […]

DXY Chart

Dollar Index and USDINR

An ending diagonal triangle, or wedge as many call it, is a narrowing price move composed of two converging trend lines highlighting a wave 5 pattern. An ideal ending diagonal is reproduced below: We are likely seeing this pattern unfold on the dollar index charts (1-2-3-4-5 wave count in the chart […]

NSE Share Market

Nifty, Sensex chug along, we continue to stay cautious !

As Nifty & Sensex chug along, we continue to stay cautious. In our last post we mentioned the importance of breaking the level of 7996 with the right price action, in order for bulls to take charge. Now that we are close to 7940, it becomes important to clarify what we […]


NIFTY bulls and bears in a fix

NIFTY has been in a range since last few days. Unfortunately, clarity evades us as the level of 7691 on the downside has not been broken by NIFTY, which leaves us with a possibility of major rally in NIFTY. Unless the level of 7996 is broken on the upside with […]

Gold Bonds

Should you invest in Sovereign Gold bonds?

Should you invest in Sovereign Gold bonds scheme by Government of India. We compare them with Gold ETFs, physical gold and bank fixed deposit below. Any investment decision a trade-off in terms of returns, taxes, holding periods. Consider these options for investment in gold: Gold bonds: You get 2.75% (which will […]