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Nifty Market Update: Some indicators align, but not all!

Markets had one of the worst days since April ’15. The news articles in non-financial media reflect this fact: Snapshot from Times of India: Snapshot from Firstpost: Snapshot from Hindu: Snapshot from NDTV: If you have looked at these snapshots closely, you would feel something is wrong, and you would […]


Nifty likely heading for test of sub-7100 levels

Nifty has invalidated our high probability wave count and is now developing into the 5th leg as per our second most likely scenario outlined in our last post. This doesn’t affect our long term analysis (and bullish outlook) as the prices continue to stay in a channel since the price […]


Nifty: Can go long with stop below 7240

Consistent with our high priority wave count outlined in our last post, where by we have finished a 5-wave impulse move around 7600 and the correction from highs around 7600 is a wave 2 correction. One may consider going long around current levels of 7285-7315, with a strict stop loss […]

Nifty Alternate Count

Nifty rallies by 300 points on our call. Detailed Analysis

In our last post on Nifty we said: “The price developments so far are positive. They appear to be impulsive in nature and not corrective. This is a very positive development and odds remain high that we may have in place a medium to long term bottom. The markets though may enter […]


Gold: Not even 2 months and here we stand

Our mid-December Gold report clearly laid out what was coming for the commodity in 2016. In what looked like an unlikely rally to most, it has rallied 5% since. So far the story has worked out as we expected. But now comes the real test for Gold prices as it reaches […]

Nifty 2 Feb 16

Nifty jumps by 300 points on our call. What now?

Nifty rallied in accordance with our buy call issued on 20th January evening. It managed hit our target zone of 7580-7630. In due course, we will issue a supplementary report on our 2oth January call in order to outline an unlikely sentiment indicator that was also flashing buy at the time. […]

US 2-year yields

Nifty, Gold, U.S. yields technicals & Fed meeting

Our 21st January market end report pointed out to a reversal in the market with an immediate price target of 7580-7630 for the ending diagonal pattern. The trade is currently in play. Meanwhile we present a medium term chart outlining a high probability wave count for the correction this market […]

Nifty IT index

Nifty IT Index presents a long term opportunity

While our last update on Nifty dealt with a new probable trend emerging in the stock markets, the trend we are seeing in Nifty IT index in all probability will be stronger. On a relative basis this new trend is likely to continue and if it does it would only […]

Nifty ending diagonal

Nifty: Possibly Ending diagonal pattern completion today

Nifty opened gap down 80 points and ended sharply lower today down by over 1.5%. At one point it was trading down close to 200 points, but ended up recovering some losses by the day end. We have been tracking this pattern for few days now, but this pattern requires […]

share market correction

Market Crash: Is this like 2008 all over again?

With respect to Nifty’s fall, a lot of comparison is being drawn to the kind of crash we saw in 2008. So we decided to pick up the monthly chart to actually compare this fall with what we saw in 2008 and a later correction we witnessed in 2010-11. Chart […]