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black money

PM Modi’s surgical strike on black money

There is no doubt that the latest move on black money by PM Modi has to be lauded for its intent. But once the dust settles on the moral euphoria, we should realize that there may be major side-effects to this move. It is estimated that India has a parallel economy […]

Raghuram Rajan

RBI’s latest boost (or bust?) to real estate

PTI reports the latest RBI move to “boost” an already over-valued real estate market by lowering risk weights on select home loans ( up to 75 lakhs) and consequently higher Loan-To-Value ratio by up to 90%. To quote the article on Firstpost: “the banking regulator said in the case of ‘individual housing […]


Thinking of buying real estate? This one is for you!

Real estate buying is a big ticket expense requiring certain degree of support in the form of home loans. This endeavor though is in general considered to be low risk, especially by people with regular income. It may not seem so surprising then that many individuals who are uncomfortable with investing in the […]