Crude Oil

2017 Financial Markets Forecast

2017 Financial Markets Forecast

Around this time last year as well, the US Fed hiked interest rates. At the time they expected 4 more rate hikes over the year. We had grave doubts over this hawkish commentary materializing, simply because the pattern in interest rate yield charts didn’t support the view, and yet this […]

black money

PM Modi’s surgical strike on black money

There is no doubt that the latest move on black money by PM Modi has to be lauded for its intent. But once the dust settles on the moral euphoria, we should realize that there may be major side-effects to this move. It is estimated that India has a parallel economy […]

US 2-year yields

Nifty, Gold, U.S. yields technicals & Fed meeting

Our 21st January market end report pointed out to a reversal in the market with an immediate price target of 7580-7630 for the ending diagonal pattern. The trade is currently in play. Meanwhile we present a medium term chart outlining a high probability wave count for the correction this market […]

Gold Bonds

Should you invest in Sovereign Gold bonds?

Should you invest in Sovereign Gold bonds scheme by Government of India. We compare them with Gold ETFs, physical gold and bank fixed deposit below. Any investment decision a trade-off in terms of returns, taxes, holding periods. Consider these options for investment in gold: Gold bonds: You get 2.75% (which will […]

Warren Buffett Investing

Are you a Warren Buffett fan?: Food for thought

Are you a Warren Buffett fan? Do you follow his investor philosophy and what he preaches via his letters to investor. We came across a very interesting article by James Altucher  (an american hedge fund manager , entrepreneur , and also author of the book Trade like Warren Buffett). He makes […]