Technical Analysis Course

Our Technical Analysis Course Now Available on ElearnMarkets

We are very happy to announce that our Technical Analysis Course is now available with at a specially discounted price. The offer expires on 14th May. You can avail the offer by using the promo code: MAY30. Direct link to the course: Click Here Course Details: Building Blocks of Technical Analysis course […]

Stock Tips

Nifty Post Mauritius Treaty Change Analysis

Nifty opened Gap down Post the Mauritius Treaty Change. While some may find reasons to believe that this is not good development for the stock market, the fact remains from a long term perspective all attempts at cracking down on tax loopholes or crony capitalism are very positive developments for […]

Edelweiss Performance

Thyrocare Tech IPOs lists at 49%. Is it better to invest in IPOs?

Yesterday, I was asked the following on IPOs, presumably because of Thyrocare’s stellar debut: “Do IPOs provide better returns as compared to stocks?” Presenting my answer with minor edits: I was sure this question was lurking around considering what happened with Thyrocare today! So lets have a little blast from […]


Sensex & Nifty Update

You may directly jump to the end of the post for conclusion in case you are not comfortable with the complexity of our explanation. However we strongly encourage you to read the post in its entirety so that you understand the basis for our analysis and preferred wave count on Nifty […]

MCX Crude

MCX Crude/ Crude Oil Update

The price action in MCX crude/ Crude oil on Friday was near frenzy level considering the fundamental backdrop in which the prices have been rallying since their January lows. Such frenzy is not uncommon before blowouts which we suspected on Friday itself. But we thought it prudent to wait till […]

Complete Stock Market Starter Toolkit for Beginners

How much money should you be investing in the stock market?

When it comes to investing, it is very easy to get carried away, specially if you or the markets are seeing good times. But, the very nature of markets is fickle, and what may seem like a good time may suddenly change for the worse. In order to achieve long […]


Nifty & Sensex Update

I hope today’s rally didn’t caught you by surprise. As we elaborated in our last post, the 7828-7850 was a crucial zone for Nifty. The low for this correction turned out to be 7823, and the markets turned up without a classic bottoming out. This may become the norm in […]

Nifty short term

Nifty & Sensex Update

Nifty & Sensex rally managed to achieve the gap based target around  7972. We have seen some correction since then and we are trading around 7900. We see this correction as short term in nature which is good considering that Nifty has traveled from 7585 to 7977 very quickly. This […]

Nifty & Sensex

Nifty & Sensex: You should be alert to this major market signal!

Nifty & Sensex have managed a splendid rally in the last 2 months. In course of this they have achieved many of our major targets. Our 2nd March post: Nifty breaks out providing confirmation alerted readers to a pattern based target of 7900. We also alerted on a gap measuring target […]

Just Dial Short Term

Just Dial: Power of Wave Analysis in dealing with incomplete data

Just Dial got listed only around second half of 2013. Which means trading data is only available since. This makes the data set incomplete as far as application of elliott wave analysis is concerned. But if you can get hold of basics, you can still find ways to make profitable […]