2017 Financial Markets Forecast

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Around this time last year as well, the US Fed hiked interest rates. At the time they expected 4 more rate hikes over the year. We had grave doubts over this hawkish commentary materializing, simply because the pattern in interest rate yield charts didn’t support the view, and yet this year the same price patterns painted a different story. To be honest, US Fed Rate hike may not even make it to top 5 events in 2016, considering the kind of events we have seen world wide & India has been a step ahead in contributing its fair share of surprises. But for most of the year we have been a step ahead of the wild swings in the financial market. In our endeavor to prepare you for the coming year, we are releasing our 2017 Financial Markets Forecast report.

The report covers (among others) the U.S. Federal Interest Rates Outlook & its possible implications over the coming year(s). The Fed which expected 4 rate hikes when it raised rates in 2015, this time expects 3 rate hikes over 2017. In 2016 they proved that their own record at forecasting their own moves was not that great and one would have been much better off if they would have followed the interest rate markets instead. Conventional wisdom would link this rate hike to inflation outlook & growth expectation. But, there is more to it than meets the eye and we cover this aspect in our 2017 Financial Markets Forecast report.

2015 witnessed key development in Gold prices. In light of Fed’s hawkish stand we were seeing an extremely bearish consensus on Gold prices. In this backdrop, we released our report Can Gold shine in 2016? which took a contrarian bullish call on Gold prices and alerted our subscribers on a 25%+ bullish move. This year too Gold is poised for volatility that may surprise many if they keep looking at only fundamentals. In our 2017 Financial Markets Forecast we cover the forecast for Gold prices (USD Prices) & MCX Gold.

As our regular readers would remember, we have been bullish on Dollar Index for quite some time. Even before Brexit vote outcome in our report EURUSD: Fate is sealed. Brexit or Not! we covered how we expected a major rally in Dollar Index, and consequently EURUSD was expected to fall to 1.06 & below. Come November we saw EURUSD easily fall below that level. It is currently trading below 1.05. Our 2017 Financial Markets Forecast covers outlook for Dollar Index and also USDINR, which also rallied in line with our expectations.

As our readers you must be aware how we were bullish on Indian stock markets for most of the year, and were able to keep you ahead of many major moves in the market. While most of our forecast relied on elliott wave analysis & the somewhat unconventional sentiment analysis, the results speak for themselves. In our 2017 Financial Markets Forecast we cover the medium term outlook for Nifty that may dominate most of 2017 and also the short term outlook post Fed Rate hike. We also outline a key level that may end up determining the course of Nifty in 2017. Apart from this we also share our forecast for Crude Oil (NYMEX & MCX), which is also poised for a major move.

So, as part of 2017 Financial Markets Forecast Report you will receive 2017 Forecast for key financial markets including:
-> U.S. Fed Interest Rates Outlook
-> Gold (USD) Outlook
-> MCX Gold Outlook
-> Dollar Index Outlook
-> USD/INR Outlook
-> Crude Oil (NYMEX & MCX) Outlook
-> Nifty Medium Term Outlook
-> Nifty Short Term Outlook

You can get the entire report below

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